Cant interact with anything

Hello, i got an error which turns my character hair into blonde when i logged in, also i cant seem to interact with any NPC. I can use skills, but the monster isnt affected by my skill. Also i have unlimited stamina when im diving @@

Game Master


This issue commonly occurs when your latency to the server exceeds 200ms.
To fix this issue, after logging into your character, avoid interacting with anything for the next 5 minutes and see if this issue has resolved by then.

Here is a small guide on how to check your latency to the OgreFest game servers.

Open up the “Resource Monitor” by pressing the Windows Key and searching for “Resource Monitor”.

After you have opened up Resource Monitor, enter the “Network” tab as shown in the screenshot below.

Search for BlackDesert64 in the TCP Connections window.

Latency will show up on the right, just like in the screenshot above.

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