As we all know Black Desert has stricly regulated economy. Main negative impact of this is that craft (except for food and potions) is not viable because of how much efforts it take and how low price it can be sold.

But you as Developers of unique emulator, I believe, can fix it. There is min-max corridor of prices on market that is set by server. I know that eliminating at whole min-max regulation from game will take too much efford because it requires fixing not only server side but client side. But I’m not asking for this.

My Idea is to set values of min-max corridor on server as wide as it possible (It can be set to 0 - 999.999.999 or any max value that server can provide). So players can deside by themselfs the value of items they want to sell and create live and breathing economy.

What the profit:

  1. More free economics
  2. Filling the market (because of not large population now it’s more profitable to reprocess dropped items then sell it).
  3. Happy crafters.