Unable to climb ladder

As part of the “A Crank Captain and a Sweet Aide”, there is a ladder that needs to be climbed in order to reach the top of a tower. However, while attempting to do so, a message keeps popping up stating “There is already a rider on the mount”. I tried the Escape option, tried giving up the quest and re-attempting it, switched character, logged out to character selection and also disconnected the game and started it afresh. However, the message still persists and I’m unable to climb the ladder. Is there any solution available for this?

Issue has been resolved. While I believe it might have been the daily server reset that may have ultimately helped, I’ll list down a couple more things I had done before attempting to climb the ladder again - 1. Reduced inventory weight, 2. As suggested on some sites for mounts, turned the underwear option on and off.

Note: Though i have mentioned a specific ladder in the query, i realised i had been having this issue for all ladders since I attempted climbing other ladders as well only to receive the error message.

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