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In the official game, it’s a $10 to 1k Pearls ratio. Here it’s $5 to 1k Pearls ratio.
That’s 50% off, which is nice, but considering you gain 80 pearls each 30 minutes of just staying afk, the ratio in comparison to the donations are really off in my opinion.

Afk: 80 Pearls = 30minutes
Afk: 160 Pearls = 1h
Afk: 3840 Pearls = 24h

Donate: 4000 Pearls = $20

So you can just stay afk for a day and get the same amount of pearls as if you were donating $20.
I understand that the guy who donate $20 will also gain the pearls for the afk-time, so he will get 8000 Pearls those 24h.
But the ratio still seems very off, the donation should be cheaper or the pearls you gain a day should be lowered.
I think the dev-team will gain more donations if the price were lowered, cause I, like many others rather just stay afk instead of donating when the ratio is like that.

People download the game and instead of playing, they just stay afk until they have the pearls before they start to grind.
It would be better to just make the donations cheaper so more people donate and support the game more instead of just leaving the computer on for a week before starting to grind, especially since the server doesn’t have that many players yet, i would prefer those few players to be playing instead of standing afk for pearls and if they want the advantage from pearls, they should donate and support the server instead. The server doesn’t get more active when everybody is afk in velia gaining pearls.

My opinion of what it should be

  1. You get 48 mails per 24h with pearls, make the mail per hour instead so we don’t need to open 48 mails per day.

  2. Lower the pearls per day, maybe 60 pearls per hour. ( 30 pearls per 30min, aka 1 pearl per minute )

  3. Change the donation rate from $5:1k Pearls, to maybe $2:1k pearls.
    More people will donate and more people will really wanna help the server staying alive.
    Most people rather just afk instead of helping the server, cause the ratio between afk-pearls and donation-pearls is very off. It’s better to have people donating a little bit and supporting the server, than people staying afk for weeks in Velia before they start to play.

  4. For those who don’t wanna spend real money, will still be able to gain pearls but with a lower rate, than those who decide to support the server.

  5. The Pearlshop is NOT PayToWin, so if people want the extra advatange from the store, they should spend money for it, like the official game, not just staying afk to get all the advantages. Pearlshop is not needed to handle the game, especially when all the rates are increased.

Give me your opinion!
Thanks for reading!

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