New player from Retail.questions about the server.

hi, me and my friends fed up with the p2w retail and their shady plans so i quit. i heard about this server long ago it was bugged to level unplayable in old times. so am wonder how is it now ? stable? am from usa
what about the population? one of the main concern is not finding items like accessories to enhance ur gear or get at least Tri full gear. is it decent crowed here? like how many active players on weekend or normal days?

and the most important question : are you planning to be p2w on near future or it’s a non p2w server forever no matter what?

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The server is stable enough, there are a lot of bugs still, but it’s generally playable.
The population is roughly around 100-200, can’t give an accurate number.
And finally it’s one of the resons OgreFest exists in the first place I guess, to make BDO not P2W. Although you can donate for which you will gain pearls, however you can gain them by meely being online so donation is mainly to support the server.

One more thing, we are pretty far behind NA/EU retail, but there’s a BIG update coming so stay tuned!

Also check out the Rates and features.

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You should mention tho that they said " soon " on the big update for over 5 months now and they still say soon, and wizards / rangers and some skills of dark knight is barerly even playable due to all bugs, you cant even extract with the blacksmith books, you can’t change the pets to agile mode and much more, its a lot of bugs to be honest.

Also i tried to donate for the past 4 days and its not working and the GMs says that they gonna fix it “soon”.
There is no way its 200 online, its only one server pretty much and its literally the same 10 people typing in the server chat for the past week ive been online. Don’t wanna be rude, just honest.

Since it’s not that many people online, it’s really hard to buy things on the market, since people don’t sell it or buy it, and due to all bugs, i would say its actually harder to get stable on this server than retail right now.
Also no valuepack avaible, no maids and so on… I’m lvl 62 on retail btw.

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