OgreFest March 1st Update Announcement

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The Festival Revived

A MASSIVE Update to OgreFest is Coming March 1st

Heroes of OgreFest!

We have an enormous announcement for you today. Over the past four months, we have been silently working to improve our systems and provide you with the best Black Desert: Online experience we can. Today, we are thrilled to announce the beginning of a new era for OgreFest.

On March 1st, 2018, we will be releasing a massive content patch, complete with new classes, new content, and new experiences. This patch will feature the introduction of the Mystic and the Lahn, their awakened forms, Skill Fusion and Absolute Skills. It will also be the start of regular updates to our servers.

Our first patch unveils the following:

Two New Classes

The Mystic (including Awakening) - A fast paced fighter, the Mystic focuses on Martial Arts moves and swift strikes to decimate her foes.

The Lahn (including Awakening) - An agile melee class, the Lahn uses a brand new weapon: the Crescent Pendulum, to attack enemies near and far.

Brand New Content

Absolute Skills - Absolute Skills will provide players with unprecedented freedom in tactics and combination attacks to overcome even the toughest opponents. Characters level 56 and above will have access to these skills.

Fusion Skills - Fusion Skills will extend combat mechanics to allow for new, unique skills.

Kamasilve Part One and Part Two - Explore new lands and battle new foes with the release of Kamasilve Part One and Two.

Tier 9 Horses - Discover and tame the best steeds in foreign lands to carry your goods or ride.

We have one more final announcement to make in the wake of this update: On March 1st, we’ll be changing the method and rate by which players gain pearls! With the launch of our March update, gaining pearls is going to be a lot more intrinsic to playing the game. We’ll be releasing updates on this soon, but for now, make sure to spend the pearls you’ve got–they’ll be reset with the release of the new update!

We hope you’re excited for our biggest OgreFest patch to date: it’ll be coming on March 1st, so keep your eyes open for more information as we get closer to the patch date.

Good luck!

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NICE !! Thank you for a hard work. I’m sure it was worth it all.

thanks to your hardwork :-) so we need to redownload the full client again?


@sophia616 Yes you will need to redownload the client. But it’s a lot smaller.

@gm_pineapples The Download link is out?

Pre download link would be grate!


@yohiko123 No, The download is not currently available.

yay~ an update, but just hoping the costume cant be seen by others would be fix by this update, still, an update is quite nice, tnx and keep up the good work… :)

After 1 March how long will the old client be valid for (cross over period) or will be unable to access till new client is installed ?


@goldwing It will be Obsolete the second the Update is started.

@luna367 Really is a problem for those who like, for example, the roleplay or simply see our characters badass. The only way to fix it that I have found, is to put the clothes near my party mates so that they can load and see it. However, when we get a few meters away, we see each other again with typical armor.

I also hope it is fix, but being honest, I can’t get angry for something like that, when they offer me free pearls for nothing, it’s still worth it.

estara traducido al español ?

How big is the client sir?

@koketo Si te fijas van a traer la clase Lahn que solo está disponible en Korea, por lo que tengo entendido el parche español se va a implementar en el servidor europeo por lo cual creo (pero no lo sé seguro) que venga al español.

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@morgoth777 The update will be around 27-28 GB.

You could not tell more about how the policy related to pearls will change?

vamos ter que baixar denovo so que vai ser menor o tamanho do jogo? vai se dia 1 de março?

@golemon Vai ter de baixar tudo de novo, parece que vão usar o KR como base agora.

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