OgreFest March 1st Update Announcement

How big is the client sir?

@koketo Si te fijas van a traer la clase Lahn que solo está disponible en Korea, por lo que tengo entendido el parche español se va a implementar en el servidor europeo por lo cual creo (pero no lo sé seguro) que venga al español.

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@morgoth777 The update will be around 27-28 GB.

You could not tell more about how the policy related to pearls will change?

vamos ter que baixar denovo so que vai ser menor o tamanho do jogo? vai se dia 1 de março?

@golemon Vai ter de baixar tudo de novo, parece que vão usar o KR como base agora.

when i try updating the game (24 MB) after that he give me the option where i should reinstall the launcher should i do it ?? if not please tell me how to proced thanks

or should i wait until the 6 hours of maintenance pass and try again ?


@hisoka12 Join us on discord for the solutions to any problems regarding the update https://discord.gg/N4B6WxB

I think giving player enough lee time before wiping out all of them pearls is fair.

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