help problem to start the game

Greetings, excuse someone, could you give me orientation?
  I have problems to start the game because it only loads the screen of kokoa games and then the screen remains black and restarts.

it does not throw any error screen it just restarts I hope you can help me solve this.

Beforehand thank you very much. sorry my english is not very good

Game Master

This issue is most likely occurring due to the ‘ads’ folder being present in your game directory.
Removing this folder should solve your issue.

The default game directory is: “OgreFest Launcher/GameContent/”.

Hopefully this will solve your issue!

thanks for replying delete the folder as I indicated now the game launches me to the home screen after kakao games but still in black after it closes and sometimes I get this error

error is probably related because we failed to setup a loopback device on you computer please open cmd as administrator and type the following

netsh interface ip set dns loopback pseudo-interface1 dhcp

netsh int ip add addr st=ac sk=tr


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