Download Speed!

Hey! I am playing BDO for 6 months now. My acc was in Eu servers. But for high ping issues i left BDO. I heard about this privet server from someone. So, i just started downloading BDO from this site.

I have 2 Questions.

  1. Why download speed is so low?
    My Internet speed is 50 Mbps. When i was downloading Eu BDO. My lowest download speed was 4 Mb/s. Here my max speed was 1.4 mb/s. now its 550 Kb/s.

  2. Is there is anyway to test my ping to this server?
    If there is anyway please let me know!

Senior Game Master


  1. The launcher is having some issues with proper download speed, which will hopefully be fixed with the upcoming March 1st update.
    I suggest you wait with downloading the client till the update hits, as you will be required to download it again, since we’re changing to KR from NA/EU. However, it will be also much smaller in size, around half the size of the current client, and add to that the fixed down speed.

  2. You can ping this address:, in a Command Prompt.

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