Monster damage (at least early monster damage) too high

Monsters seem to do far more damage than they are supposed to do, when compared to retail. For example, Steel Imps were hitting me and doing around 1/5th HP per hit. Mature Trees are doing the same. Granted I have hardly any DP, but these monsters do not hit this hard on retail. As well as monsters hitting harder, it appears as if they are also harder to kill. It took me around 6-7 hits to kill a grass beetle, when on retail, even with the starting weapons it takes 2-4.

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Hi there!

Thanks for reporting this, before forwarding this to the development team, would you mind equipping at least some DP and see if it is the same result?

Thank you!

I have also noticed this.
I got about 100DP which should be plenty for a level 35 area (Abandon lands right outside of Calpheon)
The infected ones there hurt me a lot more than I think they should.

Yes, even the catfishman camp is too hard. The level 49 to 50 quest is nearly impossible (or very hard, it depends from the class imho) to do for a newcomer without griding some good equip before. And the boring part is that the damage seems to come from nowhere, when the enemies get aggro on you, you just receive damage even if the enemies are far enough away

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I also noticed this. Especially with the level 49-50 Qoobe boss quest being almost impossible to solo due to surrounding mobs swarming the player.

I think it can be good to have higher damage monster and have mobs who is a bit stronger.
We are able to get free pearls box who is clearly not available in retail.

Maybe we should play better in order to get those free pearls.

@Uros We could discuss if the damage of the monsters were increased but that’s not the case: the damage comes from nowhere as soon as you get aggro even if you don’t want to fight them you get damage, it’s like playing in a minefield, it’s not difficulty increased, is a bug. A really frustrating one.

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I have tested this myself with a new character from level 1 to 45 (pending above 50) and could only complain that there are too many monsters in my aggro which makes it significantly harder for a new player to rank up.

Would you guys mind if we implemented the 8 monster aggro limit to counter this?

You tried Catfishman Camp? That’s the first camp where i had issues

Aggro limit isn’t the problem, problem is the damage itself, they shouldn’t do this much damage to people

Please for the love of god, do not implement a 8 aggro limit, this is part of what makes Ogrefest SO much better than retail.

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@taj Heh, but the thing is, the more monsters around you, the harder to survive. We can actually adjust the cap to 16 to prevent too many mobs flowing around you :)

@Lahn I completely understand that it can get you killed pulling too many mobs, especially on low level with low DP.
But I’ve just leveled up 1-60 recently, and I frankly never really had problems without moving out of my own way and fighting mobs way above my limits.

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@niyix Yep, Just tried it out now, the only thing I could complain is that too many monsters tag on me and die afterwards.

@Taj Well, I think we could add a limit for lower levels and remove it at level 56 or so, since players after awakening are generally stronger.

@Lahn Ah if you can do it that way, that would be amazing :)
I kinda thought it was one or the other, but taking away the limit at 56 (or even 50 when also pvp active?) would be a great solution, +1 to that

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