Event Suggestions

Event Suggestions;

  • Screenshot Events [Fortnightly].
  • Video & Promo - Events in which players promote the server.
  • Scavenger Hunt - An event where a GM gives specific hints to which item/s they want.
  • Hide & Seek - GM’s hide, the players look for them, maybe give out hints every half hour?
  • Boss Spawn - Monthly, GM’s spawn several boss mobs [upon bug fixure] and players keep their drops?

Just a few ideas for some events we can host within OgreFest. Have an idea? Reply to this thread with your own Event suggestions!

Players usually lack motivation, so rewards are the key. Rewards suggestions?

Value Packs? Would be good, maybe pearls? These are just ideas though, and hopefully, we will get some feedback from other members.

Rewards ideas : Conc black stones, Failstacks added on, pearls, random high end accessory (ogre ring, crescent ring, basilisk belt)

Some Event or Reward suggestions open for discussion :

1. Black stones,

  • Increased Black Stone Drops Event, or
  • Any event with Black Stone(s) as reward.
    • Top 5 get decent amount of black stone (depends on the duration and difficulty of event).
    • Other participants still get black stone, but a minimum quantity as token of appreciation for participation (I have no idea how to determine participants though, custom quest?).

Reason: It should help players save a little time collecting black stone.
Black stone is a common item that can be found everywhere, only thing is that it will never be sufficient, the more the better.
I feel it is very practical while not affecting the balance a server would like to be.

2. Golden Event (from official),

Reason: Three of them carry out in different event period.
Rewards are the event item itself, in other words, silver.
It might not be attractive but since participants will get the loot at every way of fishing, grinding, or gathering during the respective event period, everyone should still willing to join the event to take it as bonus gain from daily activity.
It might be a good chance for players to try different activity that they have not interested in (say, AFK fisher like I, most likely willing to try grinding during Golden Dagger event period).

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I would love having a daily login rewards. it could be stuff like black stone and black crystal shard.

i think in regards of reward suggestion, i think Artisan memory + crystal shard + one very rare weapon/item would be suffice, but the quantity is depended on difficulty of the event itself

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