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I’d like to suggest increasing the drop rates on pearls from mobs and lifeskilling. Maybe they can be like relics but a little less. I was grinding yesterday for an entire day and I only got 3 boxes of pearls. If it’s about money(donating for pearls) for the server, I understand. If it’s not, it’s a bit harsh especially for a casual player who doesn’t have the time to spend grinding 24/7. I know you can just afk, but I feel like the wait is a bit harsh. I left retail to join this server because it was way too stressful, hard, and expensive. And I’m just looking to relax and enjoy the game.

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I got the exact same feeling on this topic!

Agree! For the sake of buying a dog, I must be in afk 24hours. Chest for 4 hours I got only 2 times!

We still have free pearls where retail do not have / will never have such features.

Maybe increase a bit the hourly pearls to 20
current 1624 = 384
suggested 20
24 = 480 ** better

Maybe put 20 pearls with each big loot such as Relic / Yellow Accessories

We really need a buff in pearl droprate

Totally Agree, need that pearls drop inc. pls

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yes, rate needs to be a lil bit higher

I’d love to see more pearls to. I like the relic idea maybe they could drop like 1 or 2 pearls a box at the rate of those forbidden books. I have alot of fun grinding those. I think ppl would b more satisfied to see them more even though you only get 1 or 2.

Yep a pearlbox can be looted with relics, hards/sharps, forbidden jook, yellow accessories and trade items.

Well… I’m online at 76 hours to get 608 pearls. I think a very low amount
I also agree that the drop rate should be increased a little or the amount of pearls per hour!

20 pearls per hour can be decent?

Need ro know how much cost pearls items too. Things must be decent. There are no fun to have 100 pearls per hour and buy everything the first week.

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