I would like to share a consolidated list of issues that might have occurred to users during or after the update of March 1st. Please refer to the following for more information.

Q: I get “bad_module_info” when starting OgreFest.
A: Please copy “LanguageData_KR.loc” to “LanguageData_EN.loc” (this file can be found in “ads” directory in your game installation) and run the game once again. This might have happened because you used a custom English patch or some settings did not transfer over correctly. Another way to fix this issue would be to delete “Black Desert” directory from “My Documents”, but please be aware to save your customization files before doing so.

Q: I get an error that the launcher is already open when installing the new launcher update.
A: Open task manager and kill an application called “CrimsonDesertLauncher.exe” and click retry in the installer.

Q: I get “access denied” when downloading from the launcher.
A: You would need to uncheck read-only for the directory you are currently downloading to via windows settings otherwise you can click “Settings” and “Fix Access Denied” button in the launcher and that should work.

Q: What is the new Pearl System?
A: You currently obtain 8 pearls per 30 minutes and a rare drop from participating in the game: Pearl Box (16 Pearls).

Q: The launcher is downloading really slow!
A: It means that there are currently too many people downloading the game at once, so you would need to wait until a download slot for you is reserved on our CDN servers.

Q: I cannot start the download because it says that some module cannot be loaded and I should contact the admin!
A: Please re-install the Microsoft VCRedist libraries because they are corrupted.

This guide will be updated as more information has arrived.

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