NPC: <Arms Dealer> Ronatz (ID: 42002/1) in Cephalon City

Problem: Unable to trade ‘Spell Powder’(ID: 44075) to <Arms Dealer> Ronatz in Cephalon City for ‘Defensive Sub-weapon Box’(ID: 44933), ‘Accuracy Sub-weapon Box’(ID: 44932) or ‘Offensive Sub-weapon Box’(ID: 44931) - 250 pieces a box.

Full list of items you can trade to Ronatz:

  • 300x ‘Sharp Bone Fragment’ (ID: 44069)
  • 250x ‘Spell Powder’ (ID: 44075)
  • 300x ‘Broken Rhutum Fang’ (ID: 44085)
  • 200x ‘Metal Armor Fragment’ (ID: 44134)
  • 250x ‘Huge Spear’ (ID: 44145)
  • 200x ‘Hard Tree Bark’ (ID: 44149)
  • 250x ‘Corrupt Crystal’ (ID: 44170)

Notes: I’ve only tried ‘Spell Powder’, I will test to see if the other items can be traded to him. I will also update this thread if I find more NPC Exchanges that do not work.

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