Create a general google spreadsheet online bugtracker / suggestions tracker


I would like to suggest the use of a google spreadsheet for a more helpfull / powerfull bugtracker / suggestions list where both dev-support team and users will be able to communication more efficiently. I used a similar bugtracker system when I was part of a beta testing team from a previous famous Steam- EA.


  • Devs are able to edit their specific DEV’ columns / delete fixed comments / or anything else.
  • Support/Helper are only able to edit / maintain for a more organized sheet
  • Users are able to write a comment to give more infos

Suggested columns:
category / nature of bugs / ID- database / short bug description / steps to reproduce / reported by user#0000 / confirmed by dev-helper-support#0000 / screenshoots / DEV’ comment / DEV ‘priority status / DEV’ current_version / Implemented in v0000

Once a bug is fixed and implemented in a next update or current version, this bug line is moved into the page ’ Fixed ’ who become a temporary changelog before to have a more detailed infos in the forum’ changelog.

Reported / Confirmed by user#0000 can be rewarded as pearlbox / points to incentive collaboration.

Color can be made to notify if the dev team confirm that a resolution will be made, if the bug line is confirmed by a support/helper/dev user, if the bugs is as intended / well any interesting and easy to understand bug status.

Do not hesitate to support this idea.

I would support this. Going though each forums topic to see bugs and reports is cumbersome and honestly a hassle so more often then not people just make new threads bloating a already not user friendly system.

Something you can scroll though at a glance to see if its reported/intended/being fixed and add to would be beneficial to all parties. It also lets the users see a more direct involvement with the DEV team and more clearly understand what’s being worked on.

Also incentivizing reporting could work if balanced and done right until at least the majority of things are under control and I wouldn’t be against.

Community Manager


We have considered using platforms such as YouTrack, but it has caused few issues such as:

  • Users are only able to post bug reports as guests;
  • If user is a guest, it would be fairly difficult to maintain the bug-tracker due to invalid submissions.
  • The bug tracker might get spammed by malicious attackers.

If there is a solution for the guest users, we might consider upgrading to it as it would be so much easier to keep track of what is being fixed and what has been fixed.


YouTrack is really nice! Hope you will figure out a solution for it.

I think if you google Top Open Source Bug Tracking Software Solutions you will found some interesting ideas about it.

Those are kinda cool Mantisbt and Trello
Trello more to offer a upcoming / roadmap features for users who might not specially be interested to help with bugs but curious about whats going to be added right now and who want to give point of view in those specific subjects

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