[Knowledge] Heidel Castle

Heidel Castle knowledge cannot be learned from NPC Cruhorn Wyrmsbane.
Knowledge: https://bdocodex.com/us/theme/3059/
NPC: https://bdocodex.com/us/npc/41009/1/

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Same issue as this Post.
Heidel Castle ID: 3059
Crushorn’s Errand ID: 6063

Description: Cruhorn won’t give me the knowledge even if I interact with its button.
It doesn’t reduce my energy whatsoever

alt text

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I think its Cruhorn himself that is bugged

I got his amity to 500+ to get the other knowledge, but I can’t get the Crushorn’s Errand Knowledge from Unforgettable Dexterity too

nothing happens if I interact that button
alt text

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