[Knowledge] Two Faces of Calpeon

Two Faces of Calpeon knowledge cannot be learned from NPC Cruhorn Wyrmsbane.
Knowledge: https://bdocodex.com/us/theme/6512/
NPC: https://bdocodex.com/us/npc/41009/1/

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Item ID: 6512 (https://bddatabase.net/us/theme/6512/)

Description: When you talk to Cruhorn Wyrmsbane (In Heidel, training grounds), you get the option to learn the knowledge “Two Faces of Calpheon”. However, when you click on the knowledge, you do not unlock it, and it stays locked.

Proof: See at the bottom of the file report.

Contact information:
Family name: Dawnmyre
MC name: Dyn
Discord name: Syl#8749

(Cruhorn’s conversation) 0_1523453247334_Optimized-Two Faces of Clapheon.PNG

(Cruhorn’s location) 0_1523453383109_Cruhorn loc.PNG

Proof: (Knowledge locked) 0_1523453640604_knowledge.PNG

—[Family] Dawnmyre

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