Incentive players seeding right after a major update


Peer to Peer / Torrent are really big issue specially if no-one want to share/seed.
Let’s have a incentive event to motivate players to let their launcher / torrent open to seed right after a major update.

I would like to suggest extra pearls per hour of seeding
8/12 pearls per hour is kinda interesting if players let their computer ON / Seed this would be:
16 pearls online = 384 pearls per day
4 pearls seeding = 96 pearls per day
== 480 pearls per day

Pearls can be increase for players who reach 1:1 ratio / or who provide proff they setup a seedbox.

So technically you mean we should mine pearls with our upload?

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Some torrent tracker have a script who let the moderation know if they seed or not, specially if they reach the famous 1:1 ratio where you downloaded the full size AND you shared the same amount of GB. If they are in negative they can’t download anymore for example until they reach back a positive ratio.

Yes this is exactly this. You help new players to download faster (still depend of their internet speed), and you receive in return pearls / points.

Users who share should be rewarded for sure.
Ratio 1:1 is minimum specially for users who have a slow internet speed but still invest time / internet to help other.

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