Make a server for AFK Lifeskill / Pearls mining


Something who can be really helpfull is to have a server specially for long AFK session such as Fishing / Lifeskill / Workers / Pearls mining, for specific tasks it can be Lifeskill buffs (cooking / processing / horse training / fitness training) or Combat skill (the book you purchase to play with a Dummy) with a Book of Training

Something like +10/20% Buffs can be really interesting.

How about a pve channel instead of a server? That way you don’t have to start over and you can choose when you want to pve and when you want to pvp. Just satisfy the pve people should get more people to donate.

A PVE server (Combat/Skill buffs) isnt like a Lifeskill (LifeBuffs) maybe some changes can be made in the PVP features if this is the issues. What Im talking about is a Lifeskiller server where long AFK session (over night) can be made with a benefit on it. A server / or channel dunno where players are able to get a permanent +20 Life exp buffs.

This is to improve the performance maybe. A channel where you dont see players levelup their horse or horse of AFK Fishing in Heidel spot or tons of people in front of storage / markerplace npc.

I see more a PVP/Karma revamp than a PVE server where PVP is desactivated. For example - just some sort of idea - get rewarded with pearl box by killing a target (Someone who PK someone else) or who become red.

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Let’s say a server = channel
1 channel normal / pvp
1 channel lifeskill

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