Display bug with ecology points, shows high incorrect number.
Doesn’t appear like the effect works also, that being the item drop rate increase.


Relevant patch note changes for the system from retail.

  • For each Knowledge (Ecology), you will get 10 points for S-grade Knowledge, 5 points for A+, 2 points for A, and 1 point for B or lower.
  • Having more points will mean a higher Item Drop Rate, and this higher rate will be applied when defeating any monster.
  • You can check how many Knowledge (Ecology) points you have on the bottom of your Knowledge Window (H).
  • The already existing system of having an advantage if you have a higher grade Knowledge of the specific type of monster you are fighting has not been changed.
  • Party drop items and junk items that always drop from monsters will not be affected by how many Knowledge (Ecology) points you have.
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