Base Weight

Default character weight limit should be increased. With increased drop rates, your inventory can fill fast and managing it is currently a hassle in regards to weight, even after purchasing all pearl increases (which now takes a good amount of time per character).

Dont we have already extra weight / inventory increase because we play ogrefest?

+1 u lose to fast ur AS and MS

Wish they would say yes good idea let’s do that… lol

If you’re patient you can actually do the new character weight trick.

If you got a lot of pearl to spent that is.

You create a new character buy all the weight upgrade for the new character but don’t use it then use your main character open you pearl inventory an all those weight upgrade will be there use that then delete the new character (it takes 24hrs to delete a character) do that a lot of times and by the end of it you can carry 1000 potions like they are nothing.

Don’t know if it still works though.

@kidopitz27 I didnt get it, can you explain what u do after use all the weight on the new character

No don’t use the weight upgrade on your new character just buy the weight upgrade using your new character after that delete that new character and use the weight upgrade on your main character.

Most annoying thing now. Plz fix.

@kidopitz27 So if i delete the weight on the new character, i can use it on my main character, but it will be the same thing if i bought it with my main character ? what is the bug?

You don’t delete the weight that you bought using your newly created character you only use that new character to buy the weight upgrade in pearl shop because you can only buy them once per character.

But because you didn’t use it on the new character it will just stay on your pearl inventory.

Log in your Main Char open your pearl inventory and the weight upgrade that your new character bought will be there ready to be used by your Main Character

Repeat the process Create New Char -> Buy Weight Upgrade -> Delete New Char -> Log In Main Char -> Use weight upgrade to Main Character.

Ohh main nice trick, very smart, then i can only pay the 250 Lt weight 3-4 times or mass as i want
character will 3k LT , best dream ever

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