Boss Timer

Would be nice to have a discord bot to track boss timers/spawns.

+1 too and reduced interval spawn at least for example on weekend. Friday to sunday

A Boss Timer would be great, as well as spacing the bosses out a bit. Right now all of the bosses spawn at around the same time. and it’s hard to get to all of them without one despawning with the despawn being so short. An idea would be to lengthen the Despawn timer and spread out the spawns as well as getting a rough timer on spawn times. Just my two cents.

Currently the NightVendor give us anything related to gear boss box if I’m not wrong.

Maybe something can be done here:

  • fixed deal price
  • modified NV table like add YellowAccessories / Pearls / Other
  • modified loot rate like not a BlackStone dealer anymore

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