After i used the worker repeat button yesterday,today when i logged in I have perceived some of them are stuck at 0s of their work,wich is not getting completed.This has never happened to me before,therefore i suppose it has something to do with the repeat button.Also some of the workers were sent to the same collectiong sode at the same time by the repeat button,and majority,if not all,of these cases are those who have gotten stuck.I can also send another workers to the nodes where those stuck workers dwell (first screenshot).But it has happened to some of the workers,wich were standalone in their nodes (second screenshot).0_1520154960825_2018-03-04_359351224.JPG

I think i have found solution for this!It seems to happen often when workers reach zero stamina,they get stucked like this.I am not sure whether it can happen when stamina is depleted or not (these screenshots of mine can be with already restored stamina,i am not sure).
One must restore some stamina to the stuck worker and then relog,i think i solved my stucked workers by this and one other person confirmed to me it helped (i know one is not much,it did not happen to me lately since this thought occured to me).

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