Font Replacement

Didn’t like the KR font so I put together a new font file based off of Roboto Medium.
Should display everything in-game without issues, including Korean characters and other languages. Figured I’d share it.

Just extract the folder in the zip to your root game folder, that’s it.


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Can you post a screenshot? Thank you btw.

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At first I got bad_module_info crash after logging in to the game world, but now it seems fine. For now.


I see koreans still.
Edit: Ahh, ok I thought it is translated to english too. :-)

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Most of the stuff is translated to English, however some still remain in Korean since not everything has a translation to it.

Can’t you manually translate it ?

@uros said in Font Replacement:

Can’t you manually translate it ?

Wouldn’t really make sense to, it will eventually be translated by Pearl Abyss/Kakao. The team here can then update it.
Some stuff that isn’t translated should be able to be pulled from the NA client but would take a little extra work (Pearl shop stuff), that probably isn’t overly worth it.

Thank you for this excellent font once again, now it looks much better than before!

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