Pearl Fame points instead of hourly afk zombie mining = Incentive Lifeskillers


Instead to have hourly afk zombie mining, why not have a Pearl + Silver fame payout ?
and — remove hourly 16 pearls per hour
and — keep pearls box on drop

Interesting conversion can be :
Example with most Lifeskill to Professional 1 for 6x alts where 1x main have higher Lifeskill points.
Daily Silver: 950,000 silver

1,000z = 1 pearl
Daily Pearls: 950 daily pearls // 40 pearls per hour
29.450 (950* 31) monthly pearls
Without 16p /hour

5,000z = 1 pearl
190 daily pearls // 8 pearls per hour
5.890 monthly pearls
IF 16p /hour is kept, 11.904 pearls + 5.890 pearls = 17.794 pearls

10,000z = 1 pearl
95 daily pearls // 4 pearls per hour
2.945 pearls monthly pearls
IF 16p /hour is kept, 11.904 pearls + 2.945 pearls = 14.849 pearls

alt text

Let’s discuss about it.

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So basicly you say: You want to reward lifeskills with pearls?

Problems: Not everyone like todo lifeskills and you also get the 16 pearlbox from gathering!
Another problem for me is, that new players would get less pearls than veterans, what is unfair because you can get items from the pearlshop which boost your progress, like the blessing of kamasylvia or energy potions.

I really like this idea, but as was said, for new players it would be harder to get to the pearls. Could we find a middle ground?
There are people who dont farm(grind) that much - lack of time to do so, but can do some life skilling. Personaly i didnt get any pearl box from gathering yet and i do gather rather a lot.
I kinda hate the “pearl per online time”, i go to work and if i get dc or the server freeze, as it is common now, I get nothing, I would like much more to get set amount of pearls per day, based on my house fame. Beside, that would also be more eco-friendly, and pc-life friendly if it wasnt running over night every day for the pearls.

Now I got another idea, what about daily quest for pearls? I think it shouldnt be hard to make black-spirit give us daily quest with pearls box as reward. There could be like 6 quests, from each reagon, to give chance for low levels to participate aswell. We could get like 50 pearls from the quest =300pearls a day (now 24 hours =384 pearls) and posibly still keep the pearls per hour.


Idem the idea is to reward players who do not wait to have free pearls only by staying online and doing nothing.
You get more pearls reward if you do Lifeskill - this is the idea. In anycase Lifeskill except Gathering (or you can just fillup empty bottle) are more afk activities. So this is the same than just staying online. In my point of view - Lifeskillers should also be rewarded because they put more work in parallel of active grinding.

The example is 6x alts with minimum Professional rank as the picture show – this is hard to get but even with 1,000k converted to 1 pearl this is really interesting.

New players get anyway the free pearl for staying online. I can change the suggestion to keep those 16p hourly.
I don’t think it can be usefull to comparare retail version (where you have to buy Cash to get pearl items) in this private server even if you do nothing and let your computer ON H24 you will get 384 pearls daily.

I totally understand you - some players can play a lot - some cannot do due to irl occupations.
This is my case in retail kr server where I had no time to grind as I was able to do last few weeks.
With that I purchased a CloudDesktop to have the game open 24/7 (except during maintenance or stupid Windows updates that I cannot desactivate and a Remote Control to be able to apply easy and simple taks like changing rods for fishing, changing cooking / alchemy tools, going to storage keeper to recharge materials, or just feed both workers and myself for Fitness training.

About your idea-
Daily quest are really interesting - but to reward better we should kill mobs and not just swap chimney.

Now we should get several sources (decent) to get pearls /

  • from donation
  • from hourly online
  • from daily quests
  • from grinding pearls box (Fishing this is Lifeskill) and apologize but will need a strong fishing bot detection
  • from Fame house to reward Lifeskillers

Lifeskillers are important to give us plenty tools / gear craft and also cooking / alchemy items.
In anycase this will improve the player player level.

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