A few suggestion that would get the marketplace in a better place than it is now.

  • Remove case sensitive search.
  • Keep accumulated trades persistent after server restarts.
  • Keep current price persistent after server restarts.
  • Continue to reset recent price after server restarts.
  • Allow buying cheapest item when recent bid has ended but not claimed.
  • Display Blue+ PEN items even if none have ever sold.
  • Implement Pre-ordering.
    -50% chance to go to bid.
    -100% chance to go to pre-order on PEN items. (Maybe?)
    -Pre-order goes to highest bidder.
    -Display last pre-order price as recent price.
  • Adjust Min/Max value on enhanced gear, retail NA formula would probably be a good start. Currently way to low.
  • If possible increase marketplace sale slots.

These changes would put the marketplace near retail. Which I personally feel is moving in a good direction.

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Good suggestions!
Just: “-100% chance to go to pre-order on PEN items. (Maybe?)” This would be too unfair!

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