[Solved] Suggestion: Qoobe Boss Summon Location Change

I am wanting to see if it is possible to tweak this. The summon location for Qoobe currently is on an island with a very large group of Catfishman enemies. Due to this, it is very difficult to solo the boss without dying at least once due to mobs swarming the player and in some cases requires partying with other players to complete it. Is it possible to change the summon location to make getting through this particular quest less difficult (and frustrating) for players?

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Retail removed all enemies on the island. I think it would be a welcome change here as well.

Game Master

Indeed, on retail the monsters on that island have all been completely eradicated (moved elsewhere I guess) so they would not interfere with the boss fight. The spawn locations here seem a bit outdated but I’m sure it’s on the to-do list. :ok_hand:

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