[Accepted] Small World Boss loot options...

So I was thinking, you know those small time world bosses like Dim Tree and Bheg and Red Nose? What if they dropped Shards and mem frags for enhancing. At the moment there’s basicly no incentive to do those bosses as they are basicly a huge HP version of a scroll boss with no bundles afterwards. There is no point to do them at this time. If they dropped maybe some boss scrolls of the boss that they are and some enhancing mats for Concentrated stones and Memory Fragments. I think people would flock to those bosses again. Just my 2 cents.

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Yes, shards in dop will be nice

Also, Maybe add shards to boss scrold such as Cartian Spell?

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Ye we need it. “PS: FIX ENCHANTING”

yes it would be good, but really have to increase the drop through the collection too and for the love of everything that is most sacred, fix the enchant and drop itens

On top a chance to get the boss gear you could also get MF or shards, Im saying Yes to the Bosses like that !

It’s actualy a great idea,since most geared players already quit doing World Bosses,and its gonna be a good object to get some Memory Frags and Shards,altho it also will help new players.

i wish world bosses would drop at least 3 granted auras

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