Enchancement success rates are to low!

After the change the made because someone complain about Enchancement success rates being too high, now the rates are too LOW.
People who didnt have chance to go for higher enchancement are now being puhished so hard, when i did on my giath helm 40 FS to go to 13+ just to give up and force it in the end…that is just too bad.

+1 to raise enchantment rate. Private server shouldn’t be as stressful as retail…

+1 for sure cause, its a bit unfair that the person who complained got the enhancement they wanted for their gear and then we get punished with lowered enhance rate later T.T

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Exactly, Its like people who were 60 before update , would complain that everyone can be 60 after a day of grinding and asked for exp being reduced.

fam i suggest you put a thread like this in the support/suggestion part too i think the forum admins pay attention a lot there too.

I feel enchant is way too hard too, of course there is bad luck but, 44 stacks for a duo green awaken weapon
and 22fs still fail my PRI green offhand.

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