Report some bugs and problems found.

1.Submit a question about the monster and the region problem of the new map (kamchatvia).
Tried a couple of hours found in (Kamasylvia) map will have serious delay, and delay and other map is different, the monster can attack me, I am not against them, so cause I’m dead ten several times, and the monster attack is very abnormal condition, is more than the official data.
I hope GM and the developer check if there are data errors and fix them. Thank you.

  1. skill points will not increase at all.
  2. If you can, get rid of the auction house’s password. That’s too much trouble.
    @Community-Manager @Game-Masters
    Thank you again for your team’s work.

agreed, auction house password anoying

Auction house password doesnt even work. u can just put in 1 random number and it will work anyways

Game Master

Please try to post multiple different issues in separate bug reports and don’t make a list of them in one report.

If developers and GM are concerned about the bugs we report, no matter how we send them, they will watch more carefully.
On the contrary, if I write a hundred reports if they don’t care, they won’t see it.

Game Master

We read every report that are submitted here. Not all of them might get an answer from one of us, but that does not mean we aren’t reading them, or that we aren’t concerned about them in any way, or that we don’t even care.

The Bug Report category here on the forum is practically a big list of bugs that people have found so far, and keep on finding until they finally get a fix.
So, making another, smaller list of bugs within this big list of bugs I feel is just unnecessary cluttering and makes reading bug reports a tad more tedious than it may already be.
It also has been broken down into different sub-categories to make this big list somewhat organized and easier to read through. Therefore, creating a smaller list of bugs within one sub-category of the big list of bugs, which smaller list consists of different bugs that should belong to different sub-categories of the big list, is just making things more difficult in my opinion.

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