DP not working

DP doesnt really do much for me, could be just me, but i just forgot to equipt my gear, so i had like 7 dp…Went to grave…was rather dying more than i would like, then i look on my gear , had none, so i took the right one , about 177 DP, it didnt have effect almost at all and I was dying the same was as i did with no gear.

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I think you got to fight monsters in night time. Our developers found that there was wrong calculation done while fighting monsters at night and should be fixed next patch day.

Not just at night.
The Aakman monster hurt is also very OP, I already have more than 300+ of dp, in front of Aakman monster is like a dummy.
If this is your initial design idea, I think it’s against the data nature of the game.

No, I am pretty sure it was during day… And I remember pulling 3 times more mobs there with same or even worse gear and I was rather fine… Now it would be imposible to do

Most mobs or are overpowered or DP is not working, i’ve been grinding in graves and they hit me like in a b**ch, even a lv20 fogan took health from me.

Something definitely isn’t right taking way to much damage, It’s not just at night either.

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