I live in Korea and the game installation rate is too slow

I live in Korea and the game installation rate is too slow.

Downloading takes 100 hours

Could you use Google Drive?

I would be so grateful.

Community Manager


Unfortunately we do not support downloading elsewhere but from the launcher.
If you still wish, you can use the google drive made by the community here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ReH4OpdnpVsFsDiVHxVHaD4glBjOgFDh and have the launcher to do file repair on top of it.


Maybe you can put someone inside your dev-support team to maintain an updated gdrive link who is much faater and then improve fast verify files. Cause lets be honest if you recommand only launcher it will not be confortable.

Can u please consider that suggestion?

Thank you

Community Manager

There is no direct download from google drive and we are not willing to maintain a google drive. Furthermore the launcher already downloads at 22 MB/s speeds so there is no reason to do that.

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