[Item] Lodging and stable expansions not working

Bought worker lodging from pearl shop and friend bought stable expansions but neither one work.

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alt text
alt text

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Needs a bit more info. Like item ID and an image or images or a video, if possible.
Check out the link in my signature for a template.
It’s possible that none of those slot expansions are working. :thinking:

Thanks for the report. :ok_hand:

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Sorry about that! Fixed it :)

Just wanted to add onto this with more proof to support the other players’ claims. As I too bought and used the stable expansions for different towns and have a little more information.

Family Name: Nice
Main Character’s Name: Wood
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Item ID: 17615 (Olvia Stable +1 Expansion Coupon) & 17614 (Velia Stable +1 Expansion Coupon) gained from using 17632 (Balenos Stable +1 Expansion Bundle)
Description: I first used the Velia Stable +1 Expansion and then checked the stable and the visuals only shows 5/5 stables slots, however I was able to check in the horse I was currently using which then showed 6/5. Seemed sketchy and I wasn’t sure if it was just a visual error or if it really did apply the extra slot and just wasn’t showing it. So I didn’t bother relogging with the hose still in the stable and took it back out. I’ll post screenshots below this. After the server retstarted from a lag issue I was depositing items into my Velia storage and noticed that I had an extra storage slot, which I didn’t buy and thought of the Stable expansion. So I went to Olvia and checked the storage and then used the Olvia Stable Expansion slot which then added an extra slot to the storage but didn’t visually add a slot to the storage.
Proof: alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
Olvia Storage expanded using Olvia Stable +1 Expansion Coupon
alt text
alt text

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