[Item] Lodging and stable expansions not working

Just wanted to add onto this with more proof to support the other players’ claims. As I too bought and used the stable expansions for different towns and have a little more information.

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Item ID: 17615 (Olvia Stable +1 Expansion Coupon) & 17614 (Velia Stable +1 Expansion Coupon) gained from using 17632 (Balenos Stable +1 Expansion Bundle)
Description: I first used the Velia Stable +1 Expansion and then checked the stable and the visuals only shows 5/5 stables slots, however I was able to check in the horse I was currently using which then showed 6/5. Seemed sketchy and I wasn’t sure if it was just a visual error or if it really did apply the extra slot and just wasn’t showing it. So I didn’t bother relogging with the hose still in the stable and took it back out. I’ll post screenshots below this. After the server retstarted from a lag issue I was depositing items into my Velia storage and noticed that I had an extra storage slot, which I didn’t buy and thought of the Stable expansion. So I went to Olvia and checked the storage and then used the Olvia Stable Expansion slot which then added an extra slot to the storage but didn’t visually add a slot to the storage.
Proof: alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
Olvia Storage expanded using Olvia Stable +1 Expansion Coupon
alt text
alt text

TITLE: Serendia Stable +1 expansion doesn;t expand stable Serendia Stable +1 expansion bundle

Item ID: Pearl shop Item
Description: Serendia Stable +1 expansion doesn;t expand stable Already used mine but it won;t increase to be at safer side i used 1 but it won;t do anything This item is for per account so can;t buy anyone. Please do something about it Thanks
Proof: 0_1523104912463_e685029b-33dc-4078-a1e2-c04283a9ed96-image.png

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i bought the cash shop item “Serendia Workers Lodging +1 Expansion Coupon”.
After using it, I gained no extra space for a worker in Heidel.

I hope, that someone can fix this problem for me and others :(

Item IDs:
Balenos Worker Lodging +1 Expansion Bundle: 17636
Serendia Worker Lodging +1 Expansion Bundle: 17637
Velia Worker Lodging +1 Expansion Coupon: 17623
Olvia Worker Lodging +1 Expansion Coupon: 17624
Heidel Worker Lodging +1 Expansion Coupon: 17625
Glish Worker Lodging +1 Expansion Coupon: 17626

Family Name: Toiria
Character Name: Yuzuha

Summary: Worker Expansion Coupon didn’t worked


Quoting from latest Patch Notes

● Implemented Stable/Docks/Worker expansion coupons.

So I went and bought some Expansion Coupons
alt text
alt text
alt text

after buying and using the coupon’s, since I was at velia, I tried hiring some workers to check if it works
but Santo Manzi (Velia’s Work Supervisor) said I don’t have enough slots
alt text

some math:
so I have 8 workers at velia
alt text

my lodgings:
alt text
alt text

default: 1
3x Lv 2 lodging: 6
1x Lv 1 loding: 1
over all slot: 1 + 6 + 1 = 8

additional stuffs:
Went to Olvia and checked, no added slots too

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PS: I already reconnected so its not a visual bug

Item ID: 17618, 17619, 17620

I bought 2 Calpheon Stable +1 Expansion Coupons from the pearl store, when I used them I got the 3 tokens from each when I used the tokens they did not give more slots in the stable.

0_1525743686101_bd1.png 0_1525743731584_bd2.jpg

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Ya pretty sure none of them work. I know it says in the patch notes that they do but I didn’t feel like making a big report about it so +1 to you bud.

same I bought 2 for serendia then told me I couldn’t hire more workers and more lodgings are needed

Family Name: Exion
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I bought 5 Serendia Stable Expansion Slots in the pearl shop, used all of them and my stable slot count hasn’t changed but the item was used and is gone and so are the pearls I used to buy them.

Bought 3 “Balenos Worker Lodging +1 Expansion Bundle” and activated them. But they added no extra lodgings. Olivia is still 0/1 and Velia 5/6. Should be 0/4 and 5/9 respectively.

Family: Sugiyama
ID: 17636

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