[Partially fixed] Bugged Quest List

Here’s a list of bugged quest that i found.

  • What’s Up With the Closed Stable?

    ID: 2028/1

    This quest has a requirment of Lvl 55, CP 259 and Night but even if you met those requirement you can’t accept the quest a notice that "Requirement not met " always pop out. This quest is the 1st of the chain quest totaling of 15 quest will be missed.

  • Bright Smile - Fixed

    ID: 3510/123

    This quest has a missing npc you have to talk to “Laura” but upon arriving on the destination in the fountain the npc is missing tried relog and move away 150m and still missing (I just want my cymbals :D)

  • Atonement - Fixed

    ID: 4542/10

    This is part of the new suggested quest but the npc you need to talk to is missing did the same SOP (Relog and 150m) still missing.

  • The Tycoon Visiting Altinova - Fixed

    ID: 4504/6

    This is part of the new suggested quest but the npc you need to talk to is missing did the same SOP (Relog and 150m) still missing.

  • Illezra’s Threat - Fixed

    ID: 4560/1

    This is part of the new suggested quest but the npc you need to talk to is missing did the same SOP (Relog and 150m) still missing. The NPC should be inside the building where the warehouse npc located.

  • [Alchemy] The Final Test

    ID: 1200/133

    This is an Alchemy Quest to unlock a daily alchemy quest. Followed the recipe and it still fails tried it 10x still a failure.

  • Arena of Death I - Fixed

    ID: 4523/14

    This is part of the new suggested quest “Left Hand” will give you a summoning scroll summoning 2 boss at the same time only 1 boss shows up the other one is missing and your helper should show up too.

  • Sample of the Living - Bashim - Fixed

    ID: 739/1

    According to the navigation the npc Wacky Toshi is on Sand Grain Bazaar but he’s not there.

  • Why Did the Goblins Run Away?

    ID: 1001/28

    This quest is open at night but i completed this quest with a work around don’t know if this quest is still bugged or it’s fixed but if its still bugged. You have to catch a goblin pressing R fast until you see “Continue” and it will follow you but before going back to the quest giver ride a your mount and dismount near the quest giver pressing R fast to talk to him and the quest will be complete.

  • Those Seagulls!

    ID: 1001/6

    This is a daily quest you have to accept this quest first then after that equip a gun but hunting is not implemented in OF so you can’t shoot the seagulls and also the seagulls are missing too.

I’ll update this list if i found more.

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Let me quote myself:
@eerye said in Report some bugs and problems found.:

The Bug Report category here on the forum is practically a big list of bugs that people have found so far, and keep on finding until they finally get a fix.
So, making another, smaller list of bugs within this big list of bugs I feel is just unnecessary cluttering and makes reading bug reports a tad more tedious than it may already be.
It also has been broken down into different sub-categories to make this big list somewhat organized and easier to read through. Therefore, creating a smaller list of bugs within one sub-category of the big list of bugs, which smaller list consists of different bugs that should belong to different sub-categories of the big list, is just making things more difficult in my opinion.

Separate bug reports for the different bugs also make it easier to just tag the topic (with “[Fixed]” for example) of bugs that are actually have been fixed. With a list like this it just unnecessarily becomes more tedious. :thinking:

Mind you I’m not saying this as some sort of strict rule, is merely just a bit of a strong opinion on the matter. :smiley:

But nonetheless the reports are greatly appreciated! :ok_hand:

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Some of them were fixed in previous patches, but all missing NPC ones will be added on next one.

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