• Serendia Wolf

    ID: 22050


    Spawn missing if you go to the location not even a red dot on the mini map.

  • Stone Hole Spider House

    ID: 24246


    Upon arriving on the location there should be trees in there like this but just like the Serendia Wolf it’s missing not even a red dot on the mini map. You can also accept this Quest for the exact location.

  • Stoneback Crab Egg

    ID: 24138

    Location Quarry Byway/Faust Forest

    These eggs should be scattered on top of the hill in Faust forest but the spawn is missing no red dot on the mini map. There’s a monster named Mediah Stoneback Crab Egg so it’s a bit confusing.

  • Hand of Kzarka

    ID: 24248

    Location watch the video for the location

    Upon arriving there should be monsters in there with Hand of Kzarka but all of them are missing and if you explore deep inside the floors and steps are missing.

  • Laytenn

    ID: 22086


    Tried following the guide and didn’t find one don’t know if it spawn in Ogrefest but the monsters is on the list of ??? in the knowledge window.

I’ll update this list if i found more.

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