Pearl item outfits effect

The lingerie doesn’t give the +1 luck buff and the outfits don’t give the buffs(combat exp,skill exp).Even if I equip all the minimum parts to give the bonus they don’t get completed in the buff task of the inventory.0_1520692351698_b.PNG 0_1520692361836_c.PNG 0_1520692433313_e.PNG 0_1520692500898_f.PNG

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I got same issue for sorc suit

this item :

and maybe all outfit from last version dosnt work

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I know this post is a bit old, but I noticed that outfit set effects only apply if you’re wearing exactly 1 piece items. Like, Karlstein armor is a decent example, any portion of the outfit that’s grayed out won’t count towards the set effects. So I get my 4 piece set effect by having the helmet, armor (excluding lower armor), shoes, weapon and sub weapon. This works if you mix it with other items from different sets too.

edit update: Just noticed in the second picture I should have had the 4 set effect, but I guess you need shoes as well for it to count. So maybe you need the helm, top, shoes, and a weapon to count. Idek, seems really buggy still

alt text

alt text

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