[NPC] Man of Fortitude

Quest ID: 4523/14

Description: (sorry for the bad english) “Suggested -> King of Arena -> Arena of Death I” If u get the Battle Agreement (ID: 41625) and u right click it then only the Man of Steel comes but not the Man of Fortitude and your mate kunga
ps: sorry if this bug was already found but i dont found it

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NPC ID: 27502

Description: In the quest (Arena of Death I, Quest ID: 4523/14) You are required to kill two enemies which you summon by a scroll Battle Agreement (Steel Brothers) II, Item ID: 41625, however upon using the scroll only Man of Steel spawns while Man of Fortitude never does. I have tried this many times without succes.

Proof: I took screenshots before, during, and after the summoning to show the problem as best I can.
Before https://imgur.com/v4peHbZ
During https://imgur.com/qEHGxbc
After https://imgur.com/o6fF7ax

Discord Name: MaVeRicK#6239

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