[Solved] [NPC] Man of Fortitude

Quest ID: 4523/14

Description: (sorry for the bad english) “Suggested -> King of Arena -> Arena of Death I” If u get the Battle Agreement (ID: 41625) and u right click it then only the Man of Steel comes but not the Man of Fortitude and your mate kunga
ps: sorry if this bug was already found but i dont found it

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NPC ID: 27502

Description: In the quest (Arena of Death I, Quest ID: 4523/14) You are required to kill two enemies which you summon by a scroll Battle Agreement (Steel Brothers) II, Item ID: 41625, however upon using the scroll only Man of Steel spawns while Man of Fortitude never does. I have tried this many times without succes.

Proof: I took screenshots before, during, and after the summoning to show the problem as best I can.
Before https://imgur.com/v4peHbZ
During https://imgur.com/qEHGxbc
After https://imgur.com/o6fF7ax

Discord Name: MaVeRicK#6239

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Quest ID: https://bdocodex.com/us/quest/4523/14/
Item used in quest: https://bdocodex.com/us/item/41625/

Family Name: Ouira
Main Characters Name: VetraJia
Discord Name: Sysmic#4216

Description: The summoning scroll to summon the Steel Brothers (Man of Steel, Man of Fortitude) will only ever summon one of the brothers, Man of Steel, only allowing partial completion of the quest, halting progression in the quest chain.

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