[World Boss] Box Drop rate system

Hello, today I want to bring a suggestion that might be interesting for many, for various reasons!

As we all know, Weapon Box drop are based purely on RNG. With this, a minority of lucky players benefits a lot more, while the other majority (which can not always provide so much time) does not get good results. After the last few days, I’ve been following almost every Bosses, and seeing the same player get multiple Boxes in a few days. Even a single player got 2 boxes of the same Boss, which was to be impossible. Obviously, I will not mention any player, to maintain the integrity of it!

My suggestion is to bring to the game, a system that increases the chances of the player’s drop, according to the amount of Bosses that he defeats, without getting a box.

This system would work as follows;

  • For every dead Boss that player has participated in if he doesn’t get a Box, his chance to get one next time will increase significantly. This chance increases gradually, and if he gets a box, this “chance increase” would be reset.

This system exists in other games, exactly to prevent that only a minority benefit from its great luck. After all, all players depend on their own luck (not only of effort and insistence, I am proof of that) to achieve better levels in the game!

I would ask that this be evaluated by the staff with calm and attention. My idea is not simply to throw everything for free in our hands, but that unlucky players (like me) have a more chance to strengthen themselves!

Thank you!

I fully agree with this situation and support this idea .
At the moment for months can go on bosses and what not to knock .

sounds all good tho i see two major issues:

imo, its easier said than done. “our” devs would have to create/implement such a system all from scratch as i am sure the game doesn’t have such an template yet. implementing entire custom content for a game like bdo has a really high potential to fuck up some other parts… big time. i would rather have the devs keep fixing them bugs and broken/not working things.

don’t we like already have just the kind of “fail safe” system you/we want? namely “Auras”. just adjust their numbers and we should be good, no? currently we get like 2-3 per boss i think, so make it double and see how that turns out after a week or two. or make it guaranteed 5 to lessen the rng… killing 20 specific bosses still takes time, dedication and “effort” for just 1 item (if unlucky) since we dont have a gazillion channels like official servers; and lets not kid ourselves, bdo world bosses dont require any real skill whatsoever.

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I support this idea.

Probably changing the number of aura needed for quest would be the safer way to go.

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