Mod Compatibility?

hello guys, how you doing? i was wondering if the current ogrefest compatible or even allowed mods? i’ve read the term of use regarding the “client modification” but i’m unsure if that also include visual/cosmetic mod that is not effecting or altering the gameplay of black desert itself. if someone can clear this up for me, that would be wonderful~

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It depends on what kind of mods.

it’s a mod that modify the looks of the armor used by player, just an visual aesthetic mod that not changing the gameplay by any way

Well then its fine, but keep in mind you lose support for yourself from us if you ever have issues caused by it.

alright, i will keep that in mind. thanks for the respond~

still wondering before i actually got banned lol, does modifying the armor to looks like the following will not be allowed?

i used it when i was playing in japan version and their policy does not say anything about it since the only one who can see it is me


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Our Terms of Use clearly states that, quote “Any client modification” may entail permanent suspension of your account. It’s safe to say that any means any, and that includes cosmetics only modifications as well.

Now if you don’t go around posting screenshots everywhere that showcases you have a modified client, you should be fine.
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t post screenshots at all while playing on a modified client, but try not to show (too much of) the modified assets.

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alright, that actually clear things up. thanks~

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