Increase in Memory Fragments and/or Introducing Artisan Memories.

Hey, I have found that we have had our memory fragment amount reduced by a lot since the new patch. Before patch we got 1-4 memory fragments PER boss as well as memory fragments from the bundles. In total per scroll, around 10-13. The enhancing system was easier before patch as well so now that this new patch has been introduced and enhancing is more difficult, we need more memory fragments more than ever. I had an idea of maybe bringing back the old style of scroll where EACH boss dropped 1-4 memory fragments, and introducing Artisan memories in the pearl shop but to appease the non p2w people, also include artisan memories as a drop from bosses AS WELL as from gathering, so gathering doesn’t become obsolete. you could make the drop rate 1/2 as rare so you get twice the artisan memories as you do shards from gathering. my reasoning behind this is that 1 shard reduces durability by 10 so having 2 artisan memories as well, helps reduce the impact. Sorry for ranting on like this.

TLDR: add artisan memories to gathering drop rate at twice the amount of shards drop rates and increase memory fragments from scrolls as well as bring artisan memories to pearl shop to help the server with costs.

Let me know if I am on the right track with my thinking and if not, please bring your own ideas to the table to help this situation.


I think it’s a great idea, my problem with the new drop rates of memory fragments is that it’s lower then official server. I did 23 cartians and from the boxes i got like 90 frags. So i’m ok with the artisan memories and maybe a better rate with the scrolls but before the update i think we had too much of them.

+1, we’re need it since the enchanting rate is kinda bad atm

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