"Connection To The Server Has Been Lost"

Fairly new to this. Starting my first ever character and since I’m a perfectionist, takes me ages to create my character. However, I keep crashing every few minutes and I get an error that says “Connection To The Server Has Been Lost” during creation and it really bothers me because I keep losing my progress.

I have the same problem but when i already selected a character and i go to the loading screen. :anguished: :anger:

Have you tried using a VPN to check if its related to your ISP? Also make sure you use TCP one.

Same here too i can’t create my 1st character !!


Hello, Everyone,

We have found a bug that causes players to disconnect when staying inside the character creation screen too long. Until this issue is resolved, You can avoid it by quickly creating your character and editing later when the bug is fixed.

Regards, GM_LoliMittens

@lolimittens are there any updates as to if the bug is fixed yet ? :3

I found a way to create your character without being banned. Simply start creating it and after every 2 or 3 minutes, save the file in the bottom left corner (give it a name) , return to the main menu and continue doing this until your character is finished :3

Maintenance in progress, wait for it and try to new.

Looks like your connection to OgreFest | Black Desert Online Private Server was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.