since most of lahn-related stuff is in korean atm i hope u don’t simply ignore the post due to imprecision.

  • hp/hit isn’t working on almost all awakening skills; only LMB+down arrow has working hp/hit atm. that is also the case for all hp/hit addons of every awakening skill. tested them all :(

is any of this intended or simply bugged/not working? the awakening of lahn seems to be all about hp/hit, so its kinda ironic that only one skill is working properly -.-

  • it seems that lahn weapons (all 3 slots) can’t be reformed atm.
    i haven’t tested each and every one of them, but the 5 different weapons i did test all had the same result: the reforming process started and finished (with and w/o animation), but the weapon didn’t change and the stone wasn’t used/disappeared. no error or any other kind of msg either. reforming armors as lahn works just fine though.

thats quite a handicap for new lahn players especially considering the non-existing lahn weapons on market.

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