Suggestion for Weekend Event

Family: DominoQuest
Char : Finanical

Hey so i have a suggestion for weekend event and i feel lik this would be very appreciated by alot of player

1: drop increase (pls put the % u have increase the drop with in patch/update note)
2: increase on hard/sharp from gathering
3: rbf reward (for those that are interested in pvp)
4: higher chance for boss gear drop

use 1 of the suggestion each weekends and add to it as u deem appropriate.

i hope this can be done soon!


I would love an event but not on weekends, a lot of people can’t join those days.

Senior Game Master

:thinking: I’d suggest to have something like this every 4th week, I mean every 1st week of the next month, or something like that if a weekend event is not that desirable.

those 4 just a starting suggestion u can alot of them to rotate between, to add to them

Do not organize event XP only on Week-end, ppl including me can/cannot be ON at this time…

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