[Solved]Where to install and what country is server mainly in?

im from SEA, and i enjoy BDO SEA official, but only on the PVE/Lifeskill, as pvp is not really the main thing there, since i cant join a single RBF since nobody plays it. And guild wars are fun tho, more wins than losses fortunately, but that doesnt mean anything tbh, since the game is heavily known to be gear dependent in its pvp, the thing that turns me off is that the community there is again, toxic and pathetic, which happened in previous servers in NA,KR, and RU, im shocked that PA did not learn from their mistakes back then, so im hoping the community here is friendly and no toxicity. Since MMOs are not about the pvp, not about the pve, not about the grind, and not about the RNG, its all about the COMMUNITY. And in my opinion, an mmo with a bad community is not an mmo anymore, as its very essence is destroyed once it happens.

So onto topic, where to install this version of the game?
and where does this server mainly based in??

Im also trying this one out to test the comparison of connection performance of this one and SEA, so i can check if SEA or this one is more effective, tho most likely its the SEA one, but if the connection is as usual as 1-2 millisec delay, then i can stick to this one as well, so anyways PEACE! :trophy:

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Download our launcher with the button on the navigation bar at the top, and install to an empty folder. Installing on top of another client would just give everyone a headache.
The server is located in :flag_ca:Canada.

I also suggest you join our Discord server if not already. :ok_hand:

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I checked it and the ping in general is at least 300ms
is that good connection and what i predicted to have at least 1-3 millisec hit delay is correct?

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