[Solved] [Skill] Undertaker (Berserker)**

Item ID: 1036
Description: When Undertaker lands on a player, the animation on my client applies like in this video link (http://bddatabase.net/ui_movie/movie_pc_skill/4_pgm_skill/pgm_1036.webm). The other player caught in the undertaker skill is still able to attack while grappled. Additionally, The other player is not displaced nor knockdown. The skill seems to work on mobs. On successful undertakers, I am unable to do other skills and it makes the other player invisible post skill. This makes combat difficult. Half of the Berserker skill set doesn’t work. These are mostly all the grapples. Skills like Rooting, Rock Smash, and Smack down are buggy and makes other players invisible. (ID: 1847, 290 ,1034)



Rock Smash:


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It appears to be fixed in recent patches.

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