Witch spells display

since i have started to play with the witch all spells aren’t displayed correctly. Fireball doesn’t have exploding animation or no thunder in the ground after (shift+Rmb)+( Lmb+Rmb) the ice rain isn’t displayed too so idk where i hit. I’m only lvl 30 for the moment so i dont know more for now but if someone can tell me how to display all the effect im here! :D

Game Master

You won’t see any effects if you play on potato graphics.

Community Manager

You most likely disabled effects from the settings.

Im in High graphics so i don’t know why i have this problem. And with all other class i have all the effects ( dark knight, valkyrie, Rann, Kunoichi, striker, mhaewa, mystic, tamer)

Edit: With High End Mode ==> no effects (Look at the pics, I tried with the Blizzard Spell)

0_1521474684165_Ice Rain High End.png

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