Quest ID:

Family Name: Toiria
Main Character’s Name: Yuzuha
Discord: Zettai Keiki#5248

My account only have 2 characters, my main, which is the one with completed quest and bugged knowledge
And my that has yet to travel to heidel

Did that quest again on another character,
Got the knowledge

Description: The quest requires me to obtain 3 other Life Skill knowledge: Beginner for Grinding, Chopping and Heating.

I don’t have any of the mentioned knowledge (see certificates pic) yet my quest is marked as complete (see pic 1 and 2). The quest to obtain those knowledge like Heating: Beginner won’t appear to me anymore (see pic 3)

Flaviano won’t give me any quest and I don’t remember doing any quest with me gathering water from river of heidel. Meaning I can’t get the required knowledge to make my own ingots, sturdy plywoods and stuffs.

Pic 1: alt text

Pic 2: alt text

Pic 3: alt text

My unlocked certificates: alt text

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