Can we permanently spawn NPC that gives knowledge i’m not saying all knowledge should be given for free but the knowledge that are bugged from quest and missing monster spawns should have a NPC that once you talk to them you will gain the knowledge for that quest or monster knowledge.

Like what GM Dew did on A Real Adventure Quest the ladder is missing and he just spawn a npc once you talk to the NPC the quest will be complete and you also get knowledge. (Actually i was the one that wants to complete the quest and ask for a fix and he just shows up and put a npc inside the tower)

I suggest putting a npc that you can talk when you completed the quest like even if you didn’t shoot Those Seagulls another Crio NPC will be beside Crio that the conditions are met same with the Goblin Quest. NPC that gives location knowledge i think it’s only me but im missing 3 location knowledge even though i visited those 3 locations. (Rock Post , Sand Grain Bazaar and Mashum node) Like the Pila Fe node manager giving that knowledge if you talk to him.

I’m pretty sure they can do it because i just saw 4 npc that you need to talk closer in the Troll fortification node for the main quest.

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